Kheerganga Trek Guide – Easy Himalayan Trek For Beginners

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Kheerganga Trek Guide

Kheerganga Trek Guide

Kheerganga is located at an height of 3050 meters and at the edge of Parvati Valley. Kasol Kheerganga trek is easily one of the most sought-after destinations for trekking. In Parvati Valley it’s considered to be heavenly.

The Itinerary for starts with a cab drive from Delhi to Kasol. Kasol is the base village for the trek. Kasol Kheerganga trek is one of the most popular budget friendly treks. You can get one-night camping and staying options.

You need two days to unravel the beauties of the place. The Kasol Kheerganga trek unravels various photogenic spots of this place. Remember to dig into the music festival during the trip to Kasol, they’re the best part of the journey. In this journey, you can enjoy the lush green valleys and fields  in its  purest form and discover the untouched flora and fauna of Kasol.

You’ll get to learn about the culture of Kasol and Kheerganga as well while camping there. And worry not, there’ll be a lot of opportunities for you to click snapshots of snow-covered mountains.  Kheerganga is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva. Walking beside Parvati River is one of the most popular activities to do in Kheerganga trek.

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The best time trek in Kasol and Kheerganga  is from September to June

The weather is pleasant and warm. You can comfortably experience everything.

If you want a warmer climate and want to trek in the spring, March to June are the preferable. If you prefer winter weather in Kasol and Kheerganga and want to witness the snow, November to February should be preferred.

Hot water springs are popular in  Kheerganga. These are much more preferred during the winter and have boosted the tourism of Kasol and Kheerganga.

Kasol Kheerganga trek is a beginner level trek and can be covered easily. There are less steep stretches and is very easy to trek. You would want to dip in the hot water streams. There are numerous beautiful waterfalls which you can enjoy on the route.

Just after Rudranag waterfall, travellers can experience a dense pine forest. You can stop to have a picnic here and enjoy the greenery in the lap of nature. Also,the Rudranag temple is very popular for attracting pilgrims. This is located on the trail to Kheerganga. The distance covered is 25 km and is ideal for trekkers.

There are a lot of things to do in Kheerganga. On the trek, there are numerous lovely picturesque villages where you can opt to stay.

The most feasible option for homestay are in Barshaini and Tosh. You’ll get a lot of cheap options  to enjoy the wonders hospitality of the locals. Another place you should visit in Kasol and Kheerganga is Naktan. This is one of the most beautiful villages you’ll come across during the trek.

The last stop for ATM is at Kasol.

Trekkers can take rest in Naktan for a few hours and then continue the trek. You can go for various adventure activities in Kasol such as trekking, rafting, hiking, and more.

Kheerganga Trek Guide
Kheerganga Trek Guide

Precautions and Essentials

•Good trekking shoes are a must st ensure a comfortable and smooth trekking experience.

• Wear light and comfortable clothes.

• Carry woolen clothes.

• Alcohol consumption and smoking are highly unadvisable.

• You should stay in a group as there are wild animals in the forests.

• Flashlight with extra batteries

• Complete trekking gear

• ID proof is necessary for all trekkers.

• Bring along some water and food with yourself.

• Carry a double strap backpack, sling bags are not recommended.

•Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

• For emergencies carry raincoats, jackets, first aid, and some extra clothes.

• Carry minimum weight.

• Don’t litter.

• Stay with the group and don’t wander on your own.

• Take care of your luggage.

• Carry your medicines if any.

• Carry your camera and mobile phones at your own risk.

• Don’t endanger your life while trying to click risky pictures.

Kasol Kheerganga trek is an easy trek for beginners and should be taken once in a lifetime. There are a lot of reasons to go to kasol kheerganga tosh trek and a lot of things to experience.

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