Web Design for Social-Change Organizations: Causes and Effects

Web Design for Social-Change Organizations: Causes and Effects


Nowadays the people and organizations can use websites for getting a lot of opportunities related to social change. Various ways of making donations, providing facts and information and petition signing comes under these opportunities. A thought of changing the world goes in the mind of a lot of people across the world but these people have no idea of the necessary steps for doing this. Social protests and activism are the global events that took place recently and wondered the people a lot.

These events have made the people think about the necessary steps to take to change the world. Now if an organization needs a social change then it can use the internet for taking the benefits of social media. As an example, they can use a Facebook page. With the growth of a company, establishing a standalone website becomes the requirement of its members. Now I am going to give you a few tips to design and operate a site like this.

It is just as any other business

Like a profit organization’s site is designed, in the same way a social change organization’s site is designed. Both have same objectives:

· Attracting the visitors to your site, making them aware of your company details and then generating support.

In order to achieve these goals, your company’s site needs to do certain things:

1. A brand that is consistent and can be identified easily –

We can consider it important to use memorable taglines and attractive logos. But along with these we also need to focus on color scheme, consistent look and graphical elements. Your site needs to deliver a message that makes it unique.

2. A perfectly written and compelling copy –

It is important to change the minds of the people because by doing this you can make changes in your locality or in the whole world. For this it is necessary to use a copy that is perfectly written, compelling and internally consistent. It needs to have the capability to draw the attention of the audience with facts, data and arguments. The copy has to persuade those people also who are unable to decide whether to go with you or not.

3. Use of right calls to action –

For getting the support of the people, go and ask them so that they can help you. In a number of forms, they can support you like transportation, supplies, equipment, time and advertising. Inform them about your requirements. Provide them a form so that they easily sign up. 

4. A perfect design that makes the user visit your site repeatedly–

In order to give information about upcoming and recent activities to the visitors you need to put fresh content on your site. This will make them visit your site repeatedly. If a stale content is present on your site then after a certain period of time the visitors will stop taking interest in it. Why will they visit again to see the same old content?

5. Use of proper navigation –

Allow visitors to navigate your site easily so that they can reach the content or page of their interest with great ease. If they are happy with the navigation feature, they can offer their support to you.

6. Use of social media –

The people can receive your message very easily if you will use social media. For connecting them to your website the presence of social media can be very helpful.

Web Design for Social-Change Organizations: Causes and Effects
Web Design for Social-Change Organizations

Some important considerations for social change organizations

You may have seen a business site for generating the revenue. A social change organization website looks similar to that site. Now I am going to address some special considerations:

· Give information to the people about your organization

Give the background information of your organization to the visitors and also tell them about the board of directors or the group who are responsible for running the company. The visitors will get ready for supporting your business if you will persuade them that the real people are running your business.

· For supporting you financially make it simple for the visitors

You can use Kickstarter or PayPal or GoFundme to get easy financial support from visitors. It will be good if your web page includes a “Donate Now” link.

· It is necessary to maintain transparency

Give a detailed description to the people informing them if the money contributed by them is spent for the right purpose or not. A transparent dealing is always preferred.

· Inform the people about tax or legal status of the organization

The details about the company’s tax and legal status needs to be given to the visitors so that getting tax deduction becomes easy for them.

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