7 Innovative Ways to Celebrate Valentine Day During The Pandemic

7 Innovative Ways to Celebrate Valentine Day During The Pandemic

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We celebrate Valentine Day on 14th February of each year. On that day, people celebrate various cultural, religious and commercial celebrations in different areas of the world. These celebrations are full of romance and love. Different people associate different martyrdom stories with this day. In this year, the valentine day will be different from the valentine days of other years. We are following social distancing rules due to COVID 19 pandemic.

That’s why if you want to celebrate valentine day by following these social distancing rules, you can’t make enough fun. Most of the people think that valentine day is just the name of dating and roses etc. They should understand that it is the name of sharing relationships with your loved ones. Here, we will discuss 7 innovative ways to celebrate valentine day during the pandemic.

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Send Virtual Valentines:

Either you are single or in the dating relationship, you can use this innovative way to celebrate the valentine day. You just need to select funny memes or photos from your gallery. You can also find these funny memes and photos from the internet. After selecting these funny photos and memes from your gallery, you should send them to your friends, siblings, co-workers and classmates etc.

These memes and photos will be interesting for them. When you will send these photos and memes, you can also make someone feel good. If you have impressive graphing and drawing skills, you can also create the best photos for your loved ones. When you will send your designs to your friends and loved ones, these designs will be more interesting for them.

7 Innovative Ways to Celebrate Valentine Day During The Pandemic

Hang Out With Loved Ones:

On the valentine day, you can also spend some time with your loved ones. When you will spend some time with them, they will know that you are taking care of them. No doubt, it will seem odd to you to stay connected with your loved ones during COVID 19 pandemic. There are still lots of ways to stay connected with your loved ones. You can stay connected with your loved ones on the valentine day in the following ways.

  • You can spend time with them by playing an online game.
  • The people can also go for a walk by maintaining a physical distance.
  • They can also share a playlist of the latest songs with them.
  • The people can also create a virtual book club with their loved ones.
  • They can also cook or enjoy a meal together via video call.

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Focus On Yourself:

Some people don’t have enough time to focus on themselves. As 14 February is the public holiday. That’s why they can also spend that day to practice self-esteem. On that day, they can also work on building self-esteem. To practice self-acceptance, you can follow various tips. First of all, you should try to embrace that makes you unique. Secondly, you should prepare a list of the things that you can’t change.

Thirdly, you can also spend some time in finding your strengths. Fourthly, you can also set realistic goals for yourself. Fifthly, people can also involve themselves in different kinds of activities. Sixthly, it is also the best time to get support from others. At last, you can also celebrate your accomplishments on that day.

Treat Yourself:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, you can also spend this day by practising self-care techniques. There are various ways to treat you during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here, we will discuss some interesting tips to treat you on the valentine day.

  • You can celebrate Valentine Day by watching your favourite movie or TV show.
  • Some people can also spend this day by reading a good book.
  • If you have saved some money, you can spend this money by shopping for something for you.
  • You can also indulge you in your favourite food on that day.
  • If you love painting or drawing, it is also the best day to spend some time painting or drawing different things.
  • You can also celebrate valentine day by spending time in nature.

Get Creative With DIY Decorations:

You and your family members will feel sad on that day. Its reason is that you can’t spend this valentine day like valentine days of the previous years. It is the best and innovative way to get rid of the sadness and boring of your family members. You should encourage them to decorate the house with DIY decorations. For this reason, you can make use of the spare things in your house. For example, you can make flowers from the used plastic bottles. You can also make use of the used car tires for DIY decorations. By using DIY ideas, you can also prepare gifts for your loved ones.

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Make Valentine Day Cookies:

 Some people love cooking. They can also celebrate valentine day by cooking something interesting. To my extent, they should cook Valentine Day cookies. After cooking them, they can present to their loved ones. If they can’t send these cookies to their loved ones, they can make a video chat with them. During the video chat, they should involve them in cooking and eating. If you want to cook something but you don’t know how to cook, you can also get instructions from others by making video calls.

Plan Indoor Heart-Hearty Activities:

We can’t only celebrate Valentine Day in February because it is also the American Heart Month. Therefore, you can also plan some indoor heart hearty activities on that day. In other words, you can enjoy this day to improve the heart’s health of your loved ones. Some interesting indoor heart hearty activities that you can plan on this day are given below;

  • You can set a dance party with your loved ones.
  • If you and your loved ones have animals, you can hold an animal race in your house.
  • You can also play indoor hockey math with your loved ones.
  • The people can also bring back the classic games like tag and Duck Duck Goose etc.
  • They can also spend this day by watching some fitness videos.


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