Travel Tips For Packing

Travel Tips For Packing

by Marnie Mogerman
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Travel Tips For Packing:-

When it comes to travel, there is a lot of preparation that has to come before you reach the blue skies or sandy beaches. There is the task of packing. While some of us don’t mind it, others find it challenging and overwhelming.

What is the easiest way to pack a suitcase?

Blue Travel Luggage
Travel Tips For Packing

Some vacations are very glitzy and red carpet like, while others are casual wear, casual fare. Regardless of which type of vacation yours falls under, the goal should be to pack only the essentials. Overpacking can lead to a huge hassle when the suitcase goes over the weight limit, less Unpacking upon return, and less laundry to do!

A great technique is to roll up any shirts, undergarments, sweats, etc. to easily fit more if needed and easily pack them in. Try to separate anything liquid from other items, by placing in other parts of your luggage. Liquid items should be packed individually, and even double bagged. 

I have two recommendations when it comes to packing.

1. My first method is to pack clothes and shoes that are old, and you don’t mind getting rid of. Toiletries that are half full. The reason behind this is so at the end of your trip you can trash the items you packed en route to your destination, and come back with a suitcase filled with souvenirs from your trip.

This way you don’t have to shove your goodies in with items that were already packed in the suitcase, and have an overflowing and super heavy suitcase to bring home. Souvenir shopping for ourselves and loved ones can simply take over the suitcase, so instead of having to skip on gift shopping, this is one great solution accompanied by an empty suitcase.

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2. My second recommendation if you don’t have a wardrobe to dispose of on your trip, is to majorly downsize your packed items. Bare minimum only, with a couple of extras to swap out for worst case scenarios. Think about even rewearing items more than once. If you bring travel size or half full toiletries, you can use them up on the trip and not worry about bringing them home. Bring a couple pair of shoes, bags, accessories, providing limits so overpacking won’t be an issue. 

I highly suggest making a list prior to your trip of what you need, and what to pack. Place numbers next to these items for the pack list (depending on amount of travel time) and follow your guidelines so you only pack what is needed on your list. Liquid toiletries can get super messy when packed (I know this first hand), so I suggest buying at your destination so your suitcase will not get filled with conditioner and shampoo.

Also, check to see if your accommodations will have these toiletries already in the room to save you from even having to search them out once your at your vacation spot. I strongly suggest not bringing any liquid toiletries home if you can help it to avoid a possible mess! Use large trash bags to put dirty clothes in to be washed or dry cleaned, and make sure to utilize all pockets and sections of your suitcase.

If you have liquid items that are prone to spilling and they must come home with you, bring lots of zip lock bags or If your traveling by air, I highly recommend a carry on bag. The fact that luggage gets lost or displaced is all too common, unfortunately. Pack an extra outfit or two and any necessity medications and toiletries (that you are allowed to fly with), just to be on the safe side. If your only going away for a long weekend or a couple of days, carryons are pertinent.

The following are some “must-haves” for your trip.  

things to carry while traveling

A travel organizer to keep a passport, airline tickets, itinerary information or any other traveling documents by your side. Pack some dry snacks with your luggage so you have something to munch on once you get to your destination, or during your trip. Especially if you have multiple forms of transportation to take, and no time to stop for a light bite, this will save you! If your allowed plastic bottled drinks or boxes juice/milk as well.

Something to keep you occupied if your not a napper or do not want to check out the inflight movie, will make the time pass by. A book to read, activity books, iPad, or work related items to catch up on are some good options. 

As you can see, a lot can go into prepping for travel. As long as you keep yourself organized throughout the process, it will be a smoother experience. Make sure to have a clear head, no distractions, and make lists to keep yourself on track.

Happy travels!

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