Top 5 Benefits Of Traveling

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benefits of traveling

benefits of traveling

Let’s start with the question: Why do we travel?

Some of us would say: we love it! While some would say: it is a stress buster! Answers would vary from person to person.

We always enjoy the memorable road/train/flight journey, lavish & peaceful stays, delightful breakfasts, soothing long walks, mesmerizing new experiences, people, places, and unforgettable memories. Travel makes us feel that we are still alive. Scientists say that travelling is good for our physical as well as mental health! Perhaps this is the reason most of us love it. A trip with our favourite people fills us with all the positivity and enthusiasm. It is believed that traveling lowers the chances of catching a heart disease and also releases stress & anxiety. To top it all, it can also embrace our creativity, productivity, sense of happiness as well as satisfaction.

For those who love traveling, it is life! There are ample things one can gain while exploring different places and cultures. It could be anything; like making new friends, exploring new food items, listening to different new stories, etc. When we explore new places, we tend to get a much better understanding of the culture, people, history, and background of that place. Traveling is indeed really important to enhance one’s physical and mental mindset. It also enhances our creativity and adds a lot of joy to our lives.

Therefore, once in a while, we must take time out from our work responsibilities and hectic schedule to plan a super amazing trip. Also, traveling makes us an interesting person. Once we get back home, people would be eager to know about our adventures and experiences. We can also flaunt by making them learn the new words we learnt from there!

Now, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of traveling

Improves Our Command Over A Language:

An international travel undoubtedly improves our communication skills. If we travel to a place where our native language is not spoken, this increases our urge to learn a new language. This makes our travel enjoyable and comfortable. May it be within India or outside India, there is always a scope to learn a new language. We live in a country with a diversified culture where more than 30 languages are spoken. It seems a bit difficult at the initial stage, but at the end we really enjoy learning and speaking that new language. We may also find many new friends that expands our real-life social network (not the online social network).

Boosts Our Confidence:

Travelling to new places offers a lot of benefits but comes with some challenges too. We often hear some scary stories that people share. In the hilly areas, there is a risk of crossing paths on a narrow mountain road. A bullock cart blocking the narrow mountain path we take, a broken/narrow road to be crossed, crossing path with a car coming from the opposite side of the narrow road, etc; there could me many such incidents.

The scariest part is that we sometimes find ourselves in a helpless situation at an unknown place. We cannot always rely on the local people. Facing tough situations on our makes boosts our confidence and we tend to face these situations and come out stronger. That is why travelling forces us to be resourceful enough and it teaches us to face the obstacles. Overcoming various challenges turns the scary story into and adventure and boosts your confidence. You even feel better prepared for the challenges waiting for you back home.

We Make Memories:

Practical education always teaches us more than the theoretical one. We tend to make more memories when we go out in the practical world and enjoy life. Our memories are an important part of who we are. While we are on a trip, we make many positive memories that we often revisit. When we see those pictures in our phone’s gallery, we realize that we have an automatic smile on our faces and our hearts are filled with joy. All we see is, happy memories and funny incidents. We relive the happiness and all our stress goes away.

Improves Our Health:

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benefits of traveling

Traveling brings us back to the healthy habits. So first one is Sleep. When we are in our daily routine, we work for long hours in a stretch and compromise with our sleep pattern. This affects our physical as well as mental health. We lose control on our emotions as we feel irritated due to lack of sleep. Getting a proper 8-hour sleep is vital for our health. Travelling makes this happen! Travel days are a great opportunity to sleeping late, enjoying more, and even taking a nap in the afternoon.

Another one is Movement, i.e. movement of our body. Our monotonous 9-hour sitting jobs have glued us with table and chair. We hardly make an effort to move our bodies after working for 9 long hours. Traveling makes us perform more physical activities like walking, running, cycling, etc. These activities are good for heart and body as they also increase our energy levels.

Allows Us To Try New Dishes:

Being a Punjabi and a Foodie, I won’t forget to talk about food. Of course, we all love our home meals and we find them delicious too, but there is so much fun in trying a typical local dish of some other place. Whenever we travel to some other city/country, we always crave for the local yet famous dish of that particular place. Our taste buds are on a vacation too, obviously! Having a dish, we haven’t tasted before, there’s so much fun and experimentation at the same time.

Eating local food at a new place is an exciting and experimenting. The flavours and taste are different. While we are on a trip, we tend to feel hungrier as our physical activity increases. As a result, we land up trying new food items and noting them down in out “To-Eat List”.

Awaken your senses


Travelling always takes us outdoors. It enhances our blood cells as we feel happier. Also, we come closer to the people whom we are traveling with. We get enough of Vitamin D and a lot of fresh air that improves our mood. Last but not the least, traveling improves our laughter! The happier we are, the more we laugh and the more we enjoy. As they say, a good laugh heals a lot of hurts!

Travel is no barrier when it comes to Travel!

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