Tips and Tricks on How to play the Dream 11

Top 11 Tips and Tricks on How to play the Dream 11?

by Sumit Kumar
Top 11 Tips and Tricks on How to play the Dream 11 :-

The Dream 11 fantasy website and application is the world’s number 1 in India and the world. While playing the Dream 11 fantasy application, one can choose the best playing 11, and they can also predict the winners of all matches. If the predictions and the chosen playing 11 are right, the fans can win the outrageous cash prizes through Dream 11.

But there many things to know before using the Dream 11 website or application. Today in this article, we shall let our fans know more about the tips and tricks on how to play India’s number one fantasy cricket application, Dream 11 –

  • Select – Before predicting the winner of the match or selecting the best playing 11, the user should choose the desired game, and then only he/she can create the team on Dream 11.
  • Create – While making the team on Dream 11, the knowledge of the game is very crucial. One can create a team of their favorite players. But the best 11 should be done by analyzing the team by the runs they have scored, past performances, stats, and more factors.
  • Join – Dream 11 fantasy application is for everybody who loves to watch and enjoys the gentlemen’s game. All age groups and gender use the application. The Dream 11 app gives a winner after it completes every match, and the score is also reset after that game is over. The users can enter any contest and create a perfect 11. The users can get involved in the match to have some fun, and with that, one can also win prizes.
  • Follow – The user should follow the match; this is an essential factor that will help the user know about the match proceedings. The users can also track the score of their favorite players on the Dream 11 app. They update the scorecard on Dream 11 after every two minutes, and it gives a real-time score of the match.
  • Winning mentality is important on Dream 11 – A positive and winning attitude is essential in life, on a cricket field, and it is also important while playing the Dream 11 contest. The winning and the positive attitude give us the mental strength and confidence to do well in your life. The saying goes the same while playing the Dream 11 as well. The users should need to keep their spirits high, even if they don’t win any prizes. It makes the winners of Dream 11 based on how much the team score, and if the team that scores the most runs then off winning merchandise of that team.

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Planning to make a perfect 11

How To Play Dream11 - Best Tips And Tricks
Top 11 Tips and Tricks on How to play the Dream 11?
Top 11 Tips and Tricks on How to play the Dream 11

Dream 11 needs many strategies, analysis, and planning to make a perfect 11, which could fetch some prizes to our users of this fantasy app. The users can win more matches and extra money by learning about the over six tips and tricks about the Dream 11 application –

  • The users should play selective matches – The users should avoid playing more and more games to earn extra money. They should not be greedy. The one most significant mistake the users make on this app is gaining more and extra money by playing all the matches. But all the time, one cannot win. The users should also understand that. The users should avoid doing this If they don’t want to lose money.
  • Research before Play – The users should research the team to make on the Dream 11 app. The study can lay a firm foundation while creating a perfect 11 on the fantasy application. The users can research mainly on the stats of the match, history of the players, past performances of a particular player against a player, pitch report, squad info, the players’ performance against a team in a specific venue, how the team will perform when they bat first or when they chase team.  The tips will help the users understand the game better, and they will make the right prediction of the match.
  • Focus on All Rounders – The research also should on the best all-rounders in the team. The all-around players play a crucial role in all the teams across the formats of the game. The users should focus on making an all-around team, which will help them earn more points because of their batting and bowling skills. The captain can be an all-rounder, and with that, the users need to keep a death over the bowler and the power play specialist that will help them pick wickets at regular intervals.
  • A mistake is investing money in a single match –  WE urge our users not to invest all the money in a single game. They need to play safe, so we tell them it will be a mistake to put all the money on one particular game. Winning on Dream 11 has many factors, and the Luck factor is also one of them. If they don’t win once or twice, then analyze what went wrong and make sure that the same mistake is in the next match. Possibly one can end up winning on the third or a fourth attempt.
  • Take the risk to win Big–On the Dream 11 app, the users can take risks to win Big. The app shows every player’s percentages, making the users understand the player while taking the risk. The method will come in handy, but one needs to know that every player doesn’t score a century or takes five wickets in every match. Every player has a good and a bad day on the cricket field. That’s why research is an essential tool when users play Dream 11.
  • Captain and Vice-Captain selection–The captain and the vice-captain are the most important person on the cricket field. The users should choose the right, as they can also be the game-changer of that match. If the users select the right, they can decide on the users’ winning and losing. The users can score two times more than the points when they select a captain, and while choosing the vice-captain, they can achieve 1.5 times more. The research again will help them to choose the right players. Dream 11 also shows the players’ top choices for captain and vice-captain, which will help the users make the right choice.

The above 11 tips might help our readers and fans fetch more extra money on the Dream11 prediction fantasy application. We hope that you enjoyed this post from ours.


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