The Valley of Flowers Trek: Best Monsoon Trek

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The Valley of Flowers Trek: Best Monsoon Trek

The Valley of Flowers Trek: Best Monsoon Trek


Valley of flowers is a national park which is fond of wide varieties of flora and fauna. Valley of flowers is an Indian National park later taken control by the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also a second core zone of Nanda Devi’s Biosphere Reserve region. A best spot for the photographers,botanists,and adventurous seekers etc. 

The Valley of Flowers Trek: Best Monsoon Trek
The Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers was discovered by the British rulers. Overwhelmed with a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are also Flowers which change our moods and offer peace by having a look at them. A perfect destination spot for family tourism.

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Best time to visit

Valley of flowers is the national park which allows entry at the time of 7.00 AM everyday and closes the entries at exactly 2.00 PM. All the entries should return by the time of 5.00 PM. Although the valley is stunning during the months of May ,June and September. But the large number of flowers which are mostly preferred in the months of July and August. So it is better to do the valley of flowers trek during June and August.

How to reach

Valley of flowers is one of the national parks which is bagging various species of flora and fauna. You may be stuck in the dilemma of how to reach a valley of flowers. To provide a direction for you who are awaiting to reach out to the Valley of flowers, here is a guide to lead you there. We can have a bus, taxi, Volvo buses, private taxis etc. from Delhi to Haridwar. And next you can have taxis which are available around there to arrive within 10-12 hrs. Govind ghat. From them Valley of flowers is pinned 16 km away from it. Valley of flowers is pinned on the state of Uttarakhand.

First we have a stop at the base of the govind ghat as it is along a picturesque trek. Govind ghat is the road which is attached with the road of Dehradun and two major cities in Uttarakhand.

By air: We can visit the airport named Jolly Grant at Dehradun which runs the daily continuous flights to Delhi.


By train: The beside placed railway station named Rishikesh is best choosable. The taxis and buses can bring you there to arrive at Govindghat.

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Things to carry

Thing to carry while heading to the valley of flowers national park:

  • A warm shirt or full sleeve t-shirt and thermal innerwear etc.
  •  Trekking pants which are water resistant.
  •  Jackets which are water resistant.
  • A full sleeved woolen sweater.
  • Carrying a handy umbrella as it is a park with a vast variety of flora and fauna.
  • Sunglasses and camera to get rid of sun rays and having pictures with flowers.
  • A water bottle and a towel while traveling and walking.
  • Bring high quality trekking shoes or boots.
  • Necessary medicines like bandages, antibiotics, vomiting medicines etc should be carried.
  • Some dry fruits need to be carried.
  • Necessary Toiletries like face washer,soap etc.
  • A pair of gloves if needed.
  • Have shorts.
  •  A woolen hat.
  • Woolen jumpers.

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Level of difficulty

Level of difficulty for the valley of flowers trek is negotiated to be moderate. Valley of flowers is a trek which is not at all challenging for the trekkers but they need to be physically fit. However, let’s know the difficulties we may confront here. The trekking is overwhelmed with the vegetation and forests. As a result, we don’t need to fear landslides.

Reasons to do Valley of Flowers Trek

Reasons for having visit to the valley of flowers trek are:

  • It is an UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • We can feel like entering into a new world like Jurassic park.
  • Valley of flowers is the best trekking landscape for solo trekkers.
  • It is one of the best and most wished-for destination Trek we are sure to visit.
  • A divine spot where the blooming of Brahma Kamal flowers is found.
  • We can have the best sightseeing views over rare and endangered species and birds etc.
  • It is surrounded by the hills of Himalayas offering the best panoramic views.
  • It is one of the best treks for photographers which offers heaven for photography.

About the locals

The locals around the valley of flowers believe that this place is the home for fairies to descend in the absence of humans. The whole trek is overwhelmed with the colourful flowers which indeed leaves a magical impression on it. This was an area with a highly diversified landscape having rich flora and fauna with significant species like snow leopard, Himalayan musk deer and numerous plant species etc. A versatile landscape with attractive species.

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