17 best travel apps in 2020

The 17 Best Travel Apps in 2020 for iPhone and Android


Whether you are going for month, weeks or a day , there is one thing we all have in common: the smartphone.

Here’s some of my favourite travel apps, covering everything from flights to money exchange and even stargazing.

Best travel apps for languages

When going to different place or country, knowing a language is a gem for you.Here are some great apps to help you communicate with new friends abroad.

1. Duolingo
iPhone | Android

I have been hooked on this app for a long time.

Why so good? I like the fact it is more like a course in the palm of your hand than a list of jumbled words. It uses repetition and reviewing to make sure you have grasped it and mixes audio learning with visuals prompts. As someone with Dyslexia and a Visual Sequencing problem, I find all these mixed learning methods really useful.

You aren’t going to become fluent here, but you will have more than enough to get by. They also have a relatively wide range of languages.

2. HiNative
iPhone | Android

HiNative is only available as an App through Apple however Android and desktop users can access it online (UPDATE: As of Feb 2016 an Android version is now live!). It is very different from your usual Read, Listen and Learn approach however I do love the interactive aspect of it as you are conversing with native language speakers a lot of the time.

The bonus to me of this app is I am awful at pronunciation, as well as asking how to say certain things you can record your voice to get feedback as to if what you are saying sounds like the real deal. Hello no more embarrassing moments in shops of talking complete gibberish, you can keep your blushing behind the phone screen!

I also love that you can interact with natives about their culture or in fact anything to get direct answers before you arrive.

It does have a subscription fee for premium access, and the downside of it is that only those who have paid for it can listen to your voice recordings, so, you are reliant that someone has!

3. Google Translate
iPhone | Android

Ok, so it might not be teaching you directly, but it is undoubtedly my personal go to. If I see words, I don’t understand but want to learn it as simple as pointing the camera at the text and getting a translation.

Not sure what’s on the menu, type it in. Need to get a sentence out to a local that you really don’t know. Let it speak it out for you. Literally, the best thing since sliced bread!

Best travel apps for bookings

4. Skyscanner
iPhone and Android

its a great app, and they have just relaunched their app with not only flights but car and hotel searches too. it helps you find the best value for your dates. its a great app.

The new ‘Top Deals’ tab is also super handy for spontaneous trips away letting you see what is cheap when. Of course, the ‘search everywhere’ feature is still a winner for finding those bargain flights when you are up for exploring anywhere. The app also now features ‘Price Alerts’ so you can track fares going up and down and 3rd party reviews, so you know exactly what the companies you are booking your flight through are like.

5. Airbnb
iPhone | Android

There is a lot to be said of Airbnb, both good and bad.it’s . You’ll get a great insight into the destination, get to stay locally, and if your host is free, you’ll surely have a fantastic time getting to know them as well.


6. Booking.com
iPhone | Android

Booking.com, after you have booked a certain amount of nights, you’ll get access to booking genius benefits such as discounts, late checkouts, and in-hotel benefits.

Best travel apps for money

7. XE Currency Exchange
iPhone | Android

XE is a great app to keep track of various currency in your pocket in real time; it also works offline so as long as you have updated your rates before visiting a country you do not need to connect to wifi to check out if a good deal is a good deal. They have also introduced a new premium feature which will alert you when a rate hits the target you have set which if you are changing a lot of dosh is well worthwhile.

8. Transfer Wise
iPhone and Android

A complete game-changer in sending money abroad, the Transfer Wise app works uniquely. Rather than physically send your cash overseas, they have bank accounts in multiple countries so say you want to send money from Germany to the UK, you add the money into their German account, and someone else’s money which is being held in the UK account goes to yours.

This not only reduces fees but makes transfers quite quickly. They have recently started a travel card service as well so you can withdraw funds, or spend on the road with low fees.

Best travel apps for meeting travel buddies

Flying solo? No problem. These awesome travel apps in 2019 will help you connect with other globetrotters and make friends on the road in no time!

9. Travello
iPhone | Android

Travello has made some significant inroads in the travel world over the past year and has been named as one of the top apps by the Apple store. Think Tinder but for travellers, this awesome app lets you find other travellers with similar interest near you, search the noticeboard for your upcoming plans and arrange shares/swaps in advance and also has a nifty wifi finder.

If you want a new way to connect with other people on the road get this onto your smartphone.

Helpful travel apps for accessibility information

While this isn’t an area I’m an expert on, here are a few apps that friends have informed me have helped them plan travels when needed.

10. Be my eyes
iPhone and Android

I love the idea behind this app and have recently downloaded it to be involved.

It connects low-vision people with volunteers who are sighted so they can offer visual assistance on a video call. This, I imagine, would be especially useful when travelling as signs may also be in a different language, and you can reach out to the international database sign up to the app.

11. Wheel App
iPhone and Android

A simple app which also relies on user-generated content to provide information on wheelchair accessibility to points around the world.

Based on a 4 level ranking system, it details accessibility information to points of interest and is continually growing thanks to its user-generated focus. If local websites tragically still can’t provide the information needed, hopefully, someone has logged it on here

Best Travel Apps: Miscellaneous

These awesome travel apps are ideal for anyone tech minded or looking for a digital solution during their travels.

12. Weather Bug
iPhone | Android

While most smartphones come with basic weather apps these days, Weather Bug takes it to a whole other level. Whether you suffer hayfever and want to know the pollen count or need to keep track of lighting and storm warnings, it does it all.

With a whole host of different map options, 18-day forecasting and some nifty additional features, you should supercharge your phone with this weather app and then you will be prepared for anything.

13. SkyView
iPhone | Android

I started digging this app when I got into night photography, but it’s a staple for anyone who has an obsession with nature. Simply point it at the sky, and it will tell you what stars and constellations are in the viewfinder. If you want to start photographing the milky way, this is a great one to get on your phone.

14. Flo – one for the ladies
iPhone | Android

it’s especially useful for long term travellers.

‘It monitors when your period is and send you alerts so you can plan it with travel. It’s SO useful when you’re on the go and don’t know what day it is’.

Best travel apps for planning, inspiration and getting around

15. Rome 2 Rio
iPhone | Android

Rome2rio is a search aggregator that gives an overview of different travel options between two or more destinations, including by train, bus, plane, ferry, and car. It’s especially useful for sussing out all your ground transport options or quickly comparing the time and cost of traveling by plane vs. train, bus, car, or ferry.It will quote prices, distances, times, mileage as well as route numbers. No matter where you are in the world, Rome 2 Rio is likely to find the transport option to suit you.

16. Lonely Planet Guides
iPhone | Android

Lonely Planet can now be in your pocket. A smartphone app that combines Google Maps-style points-of-interest, with the best local travel advice found in its traditional guidebooks. Best of all, Guides is completely free.

17. What3Words
iPhone | Android

This is a unique map which gives a three-word name to every spot in the world. If you are travelling to more remote places where street names aren’t a thing, or streets don’t exist, this will help you to get there. It’s a relatively new app that I learn of through Lonely Planet, and I’m excited to see how it evolves.

What about you, what are your favourite apps for travel? Have something you think should be on this list then add it to the comments below or drop me an email to me (at) yash@theyashgoyal.com

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