Road trips: Why road trips are the best

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why road trips are the best

why road trips are the best

As you guys know due to covid19 tourism industry has come to standstill and for us last couple of months were terrible. The impact has been such that even after the restrictions are lifted and travel does begin again, there is certainly going to be a change in ‘how’. Road trips will be more common than ever in the post-COVID-19 era, especially with the feeling of insecurity associated with international travel. And TBH, it’s all for good as there’s no better way to travel than by road. Want to know why?

Here are top five reasons why you should choose to take a road trip for your next vacation:

1. Road Trips Are Safer and Hassle-Free

 Road Trips Are Safer and Hassle-Free

#1of 5 | Road Trips Are Safer and Hassle-Free

 “You won’t be happy at the destination if you can’t be happy on the journey.” – Unknown

Well, you might agree that travelling is not going to be the same anymore, with airports and railway stations planning intensive safety measures for when the operations resume. Taking a road trip will save you the hassle of standing in long queues at checkpoints, getting your temperature checked at every junction, wearing a mask at all times and whatnot. Plus, you won’t have to fear about coming in contact with large crowds at the risk of contamination. Since you won’t have to stress out about reaching your destination safely if you’re on the road, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the journey.

2. Road Trips Are Flexible and Relaxed

Road Trips Are Flexible and Relaxed

#2 of 5 | Road Trips Are Flexible and Relaxed

“The open road is there; it will always be there. You just have to decide when to take it.” – Chris Humphrey

The spontaneity and flexibility that road trips offer can actually be quite thrilling. Think of it this way: travelling usually needs a lot of planning – you have to fix your dates, get all the bookings done, and chalk out an itinerary. With road trips, the best plan is no plan at all. You aren’t tied to a schedule so you can decide to take the trip whenever you want, for as many days as you want – stay a few more days or come home sooner; no cancellation or rescheduling charges. There’s no pressure of what to pack, no layovers or delayed flights, and you can take as many breaks or detours as you want.

3. Road Trips Are More Pocket-Friendly

Road Trips Are More Pocket-Friendly

#3 of 5 | Road Trips Are More Pocket-Friendly

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” – Eugene Fodor

Imagine travelling with a large family or group of friends… the sheer amount you’d have to spend on tickets, cabs and whatnot. Considering the hit faced by airlines due to the Coronavirus crisis, airfares are also likely be higher than ever. So the cost you spend on flying will far outweigh what you spend on fuel and stops for the same trip. Hence, even with higher fuel prices, road trips can turn out to be much cheaper than flying (or even travelling by train), especially if you’re a group of three people or more. Also, you won’t have to pay for extra baggage. It’s no wonder driving is more affordable.

4. Road Trips Are a Great Way to Bond

road trips are great way to bond

#4 of 5 | Road Trips Are a Great Way to Bond

“Road Trips aren’t measured by mile markers, but by moments.” – Unknown

This is perhaps the best part about taking a road trip – the memorable moments you share with your family and friends. Unlike plane or train journeys where you are always rushing to reach on time and sitting by your own waiting for the destination to arrive, road trips actually give you a chance to have a gala time with your loved ones. You can indulge in long conversations stirring up nostalgia, listen to your favourite music and hum (or dance) along, eat together at a roadside dhaba or dive in the stock you brought from home. It’s a chance for you to create new memories and strengthen relations.

5. Road Trips Offer Newer Experiences

road trip is a part of adventure
Road Trips Offer Newer Experiences

“. . . it’s part of the adventure!” – Cat McMahon

That’s right! Road trips are about the journey and not only the destination – you can make your own adventure along the way. When you take a flight or train, you only have one place to go. Driving, on the other hand, lets you venture off the beaten path and explore many towns, villages, and roadside attractions en route – you never know when you might run into something lovely. You can enjoy the scenery while driving through beautiful landscapes and explore the country you live in from up close. The opportunities are endless when you’re on the road – something you won’t find elsewhere!

Be it budget, timeline, preference, safety or experience, road trips clearly emerge as the winner over everything else. At the end of it, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment – a sense of having connected with your loved ones, yourself and may be even with nature. It’s a high worth experiencing!!

Once the lockdown is over, just grab your keys and hit the road with your family or friends.

Let us know in comment section about your next destination and what you want us to publish next.

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