Quick Exercises For People Who Are Always Busy

Quick exercises for people who are always busy


Workout while you catch up on a TV show 

watching tv

Don’t want to miss your favourite evening TV show? Not a problem. You can still do a few few quick and simple workouts while watching the show. Here’s how you can do it.
Squats: Squats are not difficult at all. You know how they are done. If not, follow these steps… Stand upright and hold your chest up. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms fully forward to give you better balance. Now, lower your body to a sitting posture till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Remain in that posture for a few seconds and then go back to the previous posture, standing upright. Repeat.
Crunches: There’s nothing like crunches to tighten your tummy. Here’s how to perfect them… Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart. Hold your hands behind the head with fingers intertwined to support your body. Slowly raise the upper body till it almost touches the knees while keeping your feet flat. Hold that posture for a few seconds and then lower the upper body back to floor. Repeat.

Lunges: This is another perfect exercise that you can do while watching television. First, stand with your body and back straight; let your shoulders be relaxed. Then, take a step forward with your left leg while keeping the right leg in the same position. Lower your hips until both the knees are bent about 90-degrees. Keep the weight in your calf muscles while pushing up back to the previous position. Now, repeat by moving your right leg forward, lowering your hips and again coming back to the straight position. Keep doing it a few times and that’s it.

Exercise while at work


Sounds weird? It’s actually not as weird as it sounds. Especially, if you are someone who works from home, things are far more easier, — A few pushups or squats are easy to do while reading mails on your laptop or making calls (use Bluetooth hands-free to be more convenient). But if you think it’s a little tough, there are even simpler exercises. Here are a few of them.

The magic carpet ride: You must be familiar with Aladdin’s magic carpet. This exercise is quite like riding the carpet. Sit crossed legged on the seat of the chair. Then suck in your stomach and slowly raise your body a few inches off the seat balancing yourself with your hands on the arms of the chair. Stay in that position for half a minute and lower your body back to the seat. Repeat it five times.
The little mermaid workout: This is good for flexibility, core strength and relaxes your muscles. First, sit upright on your chair. Hold your right wrist above your head with left hand and pull it to the left side to stretch the right side of your body. Bring your body back to the upright posture. Do the same on the other side and repeat it a few times.
Tricep dips: Stand facing away from your desk. Keep your palms forward on the edge of your desk and arms straight. Now, slowly bend your elbows and push the body down and come back to the sitting posture.

Stretches on bed

Stretches on bed

A few stretches — you can definitely do them on your bed. Stretches gently wake your muscles up and ease the laziness. Two of the easiest stretches are side stretch and side sweep.
Side stretch: Sit in the center of the bed with legs crossed. Intertwine your fingers and stretch your hands outward in such a way that your palms face out. Continue to be in that position and bring the hands right above your head. Then slowly bend from the waist to your left. Bend as much as to you can to your left and take a pause. Then come back to earlier position and bend to your right the same way. Repeat this five times.
Side sweep: This one, too, is done sitting in the center of the bed with your legs crossed. Bend to your left and rest the left arm on the bed with your palm facing downwards. This posture will give you support to perform the stretches. Maintain that position. Stretch your right hand at 90 degrees and slowly push it backwards, as much as you can. Bring it back to the perpendicular position and slowly move it forward till the right palm touches the bed. Repeat it a few times and do the same with your left hand.

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