10 Places To Visit in Kurseong- A Hill Station that Offers Chills As Well As Thrills!

10 Places to Visit In Kuresong- A Hill Station that Offers Chills As Well As Thrills!

by Sambhavi Mishra
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Best Places to Visit In Kuresong :-

One of the most underrated hill stations of India that provides chills as well as thrills is Kurseong. A quaint little hill station in Bengal, not many have heard of it. Yet, the hill station has as much, if not more, to offer as popular hill stations like Darjeeling, Nainital and Mussoorie. While visitors can enjoy the classic selection of tourist spots offered by hill stations, what sets Kurseong apart is its chilling rumours of disturbing hauntings.

1. Ambootia Shiva Temple

10 Places to Visit In Kuresong- A Hill Station that Offers Chills As Well As Thrills!

When talking about a hill station plagued with alleged hauntings, the best way to begin would be with the comfort of a place of worship. The Ambootia Shiva Temple gets its name from the tea estate near it of the same name. It is far from the hustle and bustle of the city of Darjeeling and emanates a peaceful aura. The temple is perfect to find the solace of peace in the lap of nature and God. It is one of the most extraordinary Shiva temples in the country due to the miraculous Shiv Ling it hides- a dead tree bark which continues to grow.

2. Eagle’s View Crag Point

The Eagle’s View Crag Point is one of the most underrated viewpoints in the country. Though frequented by few, the point offers a breathtaking view like no other. On a clear day, one can see the glorious sheen of Mt. Kanchenjunga’s snow-capped peak, the lush green tea estates, the quaint village of Kurseong, the plains of Siliguri, and the hills of Nepal. A visit to the Eagle’s View Crag Point can be made by car, or even better, by trekking. And if trekking wears one out, the place also offers a quiet little garden where one can sit and relax.

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3. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Museum

This is the spot for all lovers of history out there. The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Museum offers a glorious account of Netaji’s life. The museum was once a house owned by Netaji’s elder brother, Sarat Chandra Bose. Netaji spent many days locked up in the building when he was placed under house arrest by the British Government. It is also speculated that he even wrote the Haripura Session-address while living in the present-day museum.

4. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Museum

There are three Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Museums in India, one of which is in Kurseong. The least-known one of the three museums, this museum would be missed by individuals unless they know about it already. The place offers a haven of information for any railway enthusiast. Visitors can discover the history and development of the steam engine-run toy trains.

The best part? The museum is practically giving private tours! The lack of enough staffing causes the museum to stay shut unless visitors purchase the ₹10. But once in, the place provides a beautiful exhibition of artifacts.

5. Victoria Boys School

The Victoria Boys School is one of the spots which gives Kurseong its reputation as a haunted hill station. The school functions as a regular boarding school during months of classes. However, the real mysteries occur while the school is closed during holidays. Passersby can hear the chatter of students and sometimes spot a lone boy within the premises despite the school being empty. The school is worth investigating for ghosts. Even if one does not run into the paranormal, the buildings offer beautiful colonial architecture.


6. Bhangzang Salamander Lake

The Bhangzang Salamander Lake was once a tourist hotspot during the colonial times. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed boating in its clear water and picnicking around the lake. Reduced to a swamp after a landslide, the lake has now become a site of ecological importance. The location is home to a large number of Himalayan salamanders. The lake also houses a plethora of fish species. Every environment enthusiast must visit the Bhangzang Salamander Lake to appreciate its biodiversity.

7. St. Mary’s Hill

St. Mary’s Hill of Kurseong is a serene spot for all those seeking solace in the lap of nature. The location promises the most vital feature missing from popular hill stations like Darjeeling and Siliguri- the lack of a crowd. The entire area is scattered with fragrant pine and oak. The hill also houses a plethora of bird species which makes it a favourite for bird-watchers and nature enthusiasts.

8. Forest Museum

The Forest Museum of Kurseong must be visited to bring them closer to nature. Everyone is able to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of greenery while in the lap of nature. However, we often skip out on the finer details that allow us to appreciate the delicate balance between man and nature. The Forest Museum closes this gap by enriching its visitors about the biodiversity found in the hills surrounding Kurseong. The caretakers are enthusiastic to educate the visitors and the animal specimens are bound to catch anyone’s interest.

9. Deer Park

Kurseong’s Deer Park is the quintessential picnic spot. The park got its name because of the extensive deer population it contains. Poaching was becoming an increasingly widespread problem. As a result, Deer Park was originally conceived with the intention of preserving the flora and fauna of the region. Gradually, it shifted to becoming a recreational spot for families to enjoy. It is especially good for families with children.

10. Dow Hill

Kurseong’s Dow Hill is the most popular location that gives the hill station its reputation of being allegedly haunted. With its dark forest, it is no surprise that Dow Hill has an eerie aura to it. People have alleged spotted a headless boy wandering the area. Those who spot the boy only catch a brief glimpse before the boy runs away. However, the glimpse is enough to give the person chills for the rest of their life. This headless apparition is not the only spirit attached to Dow Hill. Visitors have also spotted a mysterious lady in the area as well as a pair of red eyes which follows them throughout the forest.

Kurseong is a charming hill station that has a lot to offer. The most ideal time to visit it is during the summer months. The pleasant weather offers a respite to those escaping the harshness of the summer sun. The hauntings only add to the chills one can experience in Kurseong. Whether the hill station is haunted or not remains a mystery that each tourist must solve on their own.


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