Monitor Your Employees Computer without Them Knowing

Monitor Your Employees Computer without Them Knowing

Monitor Your Employees Computer without Them Knowing :-

The performance of employees is the most vital predictor of organizational progress without any doubt. A number of employers are facing issues while assessing and managing the performance of employees. For addressing these issues, the experts have suggested the use of computer monitoring software.

Reasons to Monitor Employee Performance

Monitor Your Employees Computer without Them Knowing

Productivity issues

The most common issues that employers face are related to productivity of employees. The employees do not come up on their assigned tasks which results in not meeting the delivery deadline most commonly.

This is normally a result of excessive online video and music streaming. Moreover, the employees excessively use social networking platforms over the workplace that affects their productivity.

Cyber threats

The most pressing concern for the employers is unsupervised usage of business devices by the employees. A number of employees carelessly use business devices which makes business secrecy and data vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

The problems arise when employees use workplace computers for meeting their personal commitments. These cyber attacks find their way to the business computers when employees visit websites and gateways not encrypted with ‘secure environment’ tag.

There is a strong probability of presence of cyber criminals over these websites and insecure financial gateways. These criminals look to breach the security firewall of the device, and start stealing confidential and sensitive consumer and business information.

A number of reported instances in place that provides evidence of cyber attacks on business devices due to negligence of employees. So, to address the said problems to the full, the employer needs to devise a strong mechanism and protocol. This mechanism needs to come up to address the employer’s reservations and expectations.

The solution to the employer’s problems

There is a pressing need to address the employer’s problems for the advancement and growth of the businesses. The first hint that comes to our mind after knowing the problem is to use a spy app for addressing employers’ concerns.

A fine computer monitoring software spies on all the real-time activities and happenings of the target computer device. The employer can actively monitor all the activities of the employee in real-time without any hassle.

There are number of computer monitoring solutions available to the employers but currently the best of them is TheOneSpy, by all means.

TheOneSpy stared offering services in 2011, and continue to serve its valued customers since then. It is highly recommended and acknowledged by its current user-base.

The spy app can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems. The app has android and iphone spying facilities as well. Let’s have a look at the salient features of the app.

TheOneSpy – Best Computer Monitoring Software

Website blocking assists in coping with cyber threats

The website blocking feature of the app allows the employer to block specific websites that are considered as unsafe and insecure to visit.

The employer can easily make up a list of blocked URLs, after this, the employee will not be able to access those gateways and websites with the same URLs.

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Tracking browsing history

The employer can view the browsing history of the target computer’s internet browser from the app’s control panel at any point of time. In this way, the employer finds if there is any unsecure platform or website which is unsafe to access from the device, and the same can be added to blocked URLs list.

Screen recording feature records live performing activities

The screen recording feature of the app enables the employer to actively monitor live screen activities performing on the screen of the target computer. This earns the employer a valuable insight into all the real-time happenings and whereabouts of the target employee.

Surround recording feature in coping with productivity issues

The surround recording feature of the app bugs mic or front or back camera of the app to know what employee and co-workers are actually doing at a certain point of time. This provides a clear view of the pattern of activities and productivity at the workplace.

Allocating productive and productive activities

There is another state-of-the-art feature of the computer monitoring software. This feature allows allocating productive and unproductive tabs and activities for the employee. The feature works by generating a log of all the respective activities alongside the time spend while doing these activities.

In this manner, the employer will know and address on the productivity issues.


The problems of employers regarding their employees’ productivity is discussed, we came to the point that monitoring employees’ computers is vital in maintaining the business interests, and TheOneSpy is the best computer monitoring solution.


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