Is the life of Mount Gambier safe?

Is the life of Mount Gambier safe ?

by Mohamed esmaeil
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If you want to move to Mount Gambier, if you are not in the area, you may encounter many problems. Well, first of all, it is the second most populous city in South Australia, although many people consider it a large town because it has a population of about 30,000. Generally speaking, this is a safe place to live, and the surrounding natural environment is extremely spectacular. If you want to live a quiet family life, this is a good place. House in the mountains. Gambier usually has a spacious backyard, which is great if you want to build a swimming pool, garden or have a big family. Although most people recommend living in the Lake District, most neighborhoods are safe.

Essentially, this is the basics, but we are sure you have other questions, so in this short article, we will try to answer all questions.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started!

That location

Is the life of Mount Gambier safe?
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It is located between Adelaide and Melbourne, a 5-hour drive from both. It also has regular flights and buses to these cities.

Its volcanic landscape and beautiful nature may be the best features of the area. However, when choosing a place to live, you should know that there are some different areas in the city. First of all, various manufacturing operations can be found in the industrial zone. When looking for a place to live, the field is certainly far from ideal. Secondly, our main town areas are full of beautiful houses and spacious gardens. Of course, some poorer neighborhoods are neither so attractive nor safe. The best thing to do is to buy Mt. Gambier at the end, some agricultural areas are incredibly green and breadth.

If you are concerned about the safety of living near the volcano, you should know that Gambier is dormant and, if any, the chance of eruption is very small.

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This city does have “small town charm”. Generally speaking, the people there are very friendly. If you are a very personal person, then you may not like the “gossip” atmosphere of this city. Since this is a small community, people really want to know the lives of their neighbors. It is very suitable for quiet family life or retirement life, but many young people keep it in school and work. Apart from enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, there is nothing really exciting about the weekend.

Apart from that, it is just like any other city. There are many types of people, some of them are very friendly and interesting, while others may not be your favorite people in the world. All in all, there shouldn’t be any problems with building your own social circle in the mountains. Gambier


Compared with other cities in South Australia, Gambier’s prices are quite affordable. If you plan to move there permanently, the best course of action is to buy a house. If you plan to move your entire family there, you should try to find a house with a lot of outdoor space. The weather in Mount Fuji is really great in Gambier, so if you want more quality leisure time, then building a swimming pool next to the house is one of your best choices. Quality services like “tripline tours” can help you.

In addition, if you are not planning to buy a house yourself, you can also find affordable rental apartments. No matter what you choose to do, Mount Gambier is a great place for family life. There are good public and private schools, and the traffic is not heavy.

What to do in Mount Gambier ?

When in the mountains, there are many things to do. Of course, the most popular attraction in Gambier is the Blue Lagoon. This is the most visited tourist attraction in the region and it is not difficult to see why. There are many walking trails around the lake that were once volcanoes, and the entrance is completely free! You can relax with your family and enjoy the beauty of nature in your free time.

Another place where you can spend a good time is Riddoch Art Gallery. Entrance to most exhibitions is free. You can learn a lot about local history and enjoy art in three different galleries and a cinema.

Another interesting place of Mount Fuji in Gambier is definitely the cave garden. This is a 90-foot deep cave, you can actually walk in. The scenery is absolutely magnificent, this is a place you will never forget.

In addition, there are plenty of shopping and sports facilities, restaurants and cafes, which is a huge advantage.

What are the disadvantages of living in Mount Gambier ?

The biggest problem facing the locals on the mountain. Gambier may be a limited job opportunity. Most young people leave town in search of work and education. It gets very cold in winter, wet and rainy. Likewise, many people from big cities don’t like the small town mentality that Mount Gambier has. Like all small communities, this is a town with specific values ​​that some people may not like. There is a high rate of petty crime in certain areas of town, so keep in mind when you choose a location.

Besides, it may not be the best place for young people and adventurous people. It is quiet and small, so it may be a bit boring for some people, especially in winter. Still a good place for family life and retirement. Because of its stunning natural environment, it is also worth a visit.


If you prefer quiet family life, Mount Gambier is an ideal place to live. Most communities in the city are safe, but you still need to be careful when choosing the location of your new house.

It is surrounded by beautiful volcanic landscapes and is usually a quiet and relaxing place.


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