How to Plan a trip to Xian

How to Plan a trip to Xian

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How to Plan a trip to Xian

A trip to Xi’an can be easily planned – what with the mélange of cultural and historical attractions peppered around the city, your days would be completely packed by the time you start to finalise your itinerary. It’s not just sightseeing that you can look forward to in Xi’an – taking an evening stroll around the paths fringed with shops and chic bars would help you get to know this fascinating city. Here’s how you can plan a trip to Xi’an!

Best times to visit

Xi’an has four seasons out of which the summer is the hottest. The winter is rather freezing that it’s not even possible to go out of your lodgings. The best time to visit this capital of Shaanxi Province, China is considered as spring and autumn, where one can just revel in its cosy temperatures. The warm sunshine and the breezy surroundings of Spring, which prevails from March till May, make it a pleasant time to enjoy the scenic landscapes of the city. The climate goes from cool and cloudy to dry and sunny during Autumn.

The peak season to visit Xi’an is from May to mid-October during which the costs of flight tickets and hotels would soar high. It’s the time when travellers should expect to wait in queues and tolerate the noise of huge travel groups, much-excited for their time ahead in the city. It is advised that those who are looking forward to visiting during holidays such as Spring Festival and National Day should book their tickets well in advance to avoid potential disappointments.

Getting to Xi’an

Conveniently, Xi’an has an international airport – Xianyang Airport. Located within a short driving distance from properties belonging to popular chains such as Park Hotel Group, it has flights coming in from everywhere, including Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, Bangkok, and even San Francisco! Due to its central location, it doesn’t take much time to fly to Xi’an from many cities in China such as Chengdu, Lhasa, Beijing, and Shanghai, making it a perfect destination for a quick escape from everyday monotony.

Xi’an’s extensive network of transportation would ensure that you’d get to your preferred destination in the most convenient way, saving time in the process. There are plenty of airport taxis and buses you can flag down to go to your hotel from the airport.

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Plan things to do

It is vital that you should do thorough research before you enter Xi’an in order to get the best experience possible. The major attraction of Xi’an can be found in its historical sites, delectable cuisines, and delightful culture. Some of the best things to do in Xi’an include visiting the Terracotta Army, one of the most magnificent archaeological sites in the world, and tasting the delicious food in the Muslim Quarter, where you can look forward to tasting exotic dishes, making your taste buds sing.

Apart from that, one can even plan on visiting ancient Buddhist pagodas such as Big Wild Goose Pagoda, where you can admire the largest music fountain in Asia. It is truly a tranquil oasis amid a bustling metropolis that you mustn’t forget to visit during your stay in Xi’an. The pagoda site looks particularly exquisite at night. Apart from that, a night in the city brings you opportunities such as exploring the scenery around the Bell Tower and taking part in a Tang Dynasty Dinner Show.

Travel tips

Since you’re treading the unknown, why not join with the experts and be rewarded with tours that would take you near the best attractions in Xi’an. 3-Day Essence of Xi’an Tour and 3-Day Xi’an Discovery by High-Speed Train from Beijing are some splendid tours that would introduce you to the best of Xi’an.

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