How to Keep Check on the Social Media Community of your Kids?

How to Keep Check on the Social Media Community of your Kids?

How to Keep Check on the Social Media Community of your Kids:-

My Teen announced today that she is not gonna be on a famous instant messaging app anymore. Well apparently she and her social circle are boycotting the instant app because of some rules and policies and now they are going to switch to another instant messaging app.  Well, a good way to run away from a family chat group, as no one in the family use that respective app. We have so many options and opportunities in this time and technological evolutionary age. Not like the interface? just switches to another app. Do not agree with policies? uses another app so on and so forth.

Life has been easy especially for teenagers and kids who do not fear change and easily blend in everywhere. But for people like us who are not so good with smart gadgets and tools and get comfortable with one app or another, it is difficult for us to switch and adjust. With all the ease and features offered by the instant messaging chat apps and social media platforms, it has become easy to make new friends, talk to strangers, and connect with people who have different languages and cultures.

It is a great advancement but along with it comes a great risk of online scams and crime. According to internet security statistics, the cybercrime occurrence rate per day is 2244 on average which roughly means that every half minute, hackers attack people worldwide.  What are the ways to assure the online safety of teenagers and monitor their online activities and community?

Well, one way is to use an android spy app or monitoring software that can help the user to keep a strict eye on the virtual activities of the target person. One of the best apps that offer quality service on an economical budget is OgyMogy. It offers many features but various social media monitoring features cover almost all the famous social media platforms and instant messaging chat apps.

How to Keep Check on the Social Media Community of your Kids?

Instagram Spy App:

Instagram is a famous app that is mostly used for uploading images and videos. It offers various filters and is commonly used by teenagers. You can check the uploaded content on your teen Instagram account along with other activities by using the Instagram spy app of the OgyMogy.Make sure just for the sake of more followers your teen does not upload any compromising photos or personal information with strangers.

Snapchat Spy App:

Snapchat is different thus more attractive in the sense that it offers secrecy and privacy to its customers. Thus no one can take screenshots of your image or video without letting you know. Moreover, the data disappeared right after its received. Thus in this scenario, the OgyMogy Snapchat spy app is more useful and beneficial as it records all the Snapchat history for the users.

Facebook Spy App:

Facebook spy app of the OgyMogy gives remote access to the newsfeed activity, friends and followers list and likes and comment section and even to the chatbox and call details as well.

WhatsApp spy app:

The use of instant messaging chat app is common nowadays. They are free and offer more features. OgyMogy offer WhatsApp spy app that allows the user to check the chat messages, group message, contact details. You can keep an eye on the media shared through the Whastapp chat box of your teen.

Imo Spy App:

Imo is another instant messaging chat app that allows the customer to contact old friends and family and to make new friends. Thus use the Imo spy app of OgyMogy and make sure you know about the new contacts added to your teenager’s Imo chatbox.

Viber spy App:

Use the Viber spy app and make sure no one bullies or stalk your teenager by keeping a strict eye on their chat box communication.

OgyMogy android spy app offers other useful parental control features as well as GPS tracking, Real-time screen monitoring, keylogging feature, Mic big and camera bug, and many more. You can also check the employee monitoring feature of the OgyMogy spy app. All the services are offered for versatile users in the form of the Mac spy app version, Windows spy app version, and android version. Install the spy app on your teen smart device and start tracking.


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