How to find the best blog hosting?

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How to find the best blog hosting?

How to find the best blog hosting?

How to find the best blog hosting?

Blog hosting is one of those technical things most of us don’t feel too comfy with.

I build websites for a living so I know a thing or two about how to set up a blog website the right way.

That’s why I’m here to walk you through the whole thing, step-by-step 🙂

Where to start:

Don’t repeat my blog hosting mistakes!

Finding the perfect hosting for your blog is so important – I really can’t stress this enough.

I’ve helped build a number of successful blogs for my clients and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Obviously some blogs I started bombed big time, which is why I’m sharing my experience with you.

The BIGGEST mistake I’ve made in the past with my blogs was to use the wrong hosting provider.

Everything started just fine, but before long, I started having problems with my websites. They became slow, sometimes I couldn’t open them, and I even lost some of my precious content.

The worst part?

My hosting provider wasn’t able (or willing) to help me any further. I couldn’t get a hold of someone who would listen up and help me out.

I lost money, potential clients, and valuable visitors. Not to mention the time it took to get things back on track again.

Had I made the right choice from the beginning, the small investment would have paid itself back in the first month already.

In short: I didn’t have a guide like this back then.

But you do.

This post is the guide I wish I had read when I started my first blog.

And that’s why it’s long and packed with PROVEN tips to help you out, so stay with me!

I’ll help you save heaps of time and money, especially in the long run when your blog starts to grow.

Trust me, you don’t want to choose a poor hosting provider now just to learn that their service is full-on bullcrap in a couple of months.

Every bad experience I’ve had with hosting companies so far is why I can’t stress this enough: you MUST choose the right host from the beginning.

That’s why I’m loving and recommending my current host ( to all my clients and to you.

Please note: I’m a proud affiliate partner with Bluehost because I use and trust their services 100%. If you choose to sign up with them using these links, I receive a small commission for referring you – at no extra cost to you.

Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission.

Why you should NOT use free blog hosting websites

Just as with anything in life, you get what you pay for with hosting, too.

When you’re just starting out, I understand that a free option feels intriguing. How to find the best blog hosting?

I mean, you’re not making any money with your blog (just yet), so why should you invest in it already?

Here’s the deal:

Your blog will be your business so you must think of it as one.

And what all businesses have in common is: they make investments to earn that money back in the future.

Trust me, the work you put into your blog will pay itself back. And so will an initial investment in solid, reliable blog hosting, too.

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Here’s why free blog hosting is a no-no:

Here’s why you should avoid free blog hosting sites from the beginning:

Limited features:

You get what you pay for. Most free platforms have limited functions and features. And yes, you probably guessed it already: they offer them for money. How to find the best blog hosting?

No customer support:

It’s impossible to provide customer service for free, just think about it! Most free blogging sites don’t have customer support. But again: some sites offer help at an hourly rate.

Limited speed and bandwidth:

When you have a free hosting account, your blog will most likely end up on the slowest, oldest server that’s available. Your bandwidth will be limited because the hosting company will prioritize paying customers’ traffic.

Ads you didn’t ask for:

You’re not in control of all content that’s displayed on your free blogging site. I mean, the hosting provider needs to make money somehow. Oftentimes, they do it by displaying ads to your visitors, most of them big and at the top of the page. Not cool.

You’re not in control:

When you choose a free blogging platform, you don’t own anything you create. Your content could be deleted without notice if the company is sold. Also, you don’t own the domain name (nor the traffic to it!).

Ok, I guess I’ve made my point here…

All in all, there’s no such thing as FREE blog hosting. Although it doesn’t cost you money upfront, it does come at a heavy price in the long run.

Apart from the choice you make about the best blog hosting, you also have to choose a blogging platform.

But which platform is the best one?

Which blogging platform should you choose?

Why WordPress(.org) is the best blogging platform for beginners to start a profitable blog

So, before you sign up for blog hosting, you’ll need to know which blogging platform you’ll use.

What is a blogging platform?

A blogging platform is basically the software that lets you create and manage your blog content. Every blog needs a platform to run on.

You’ll use the platform to build pages, write blog posts, and manage your blog.

I always recommend the self-hosted WordPress(.org) to every client and reader.

This means that you will:

Sign up for blog hosting

Register a domain name and

Install WordPress on your hosting account.

If this sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry. We’ll look at all of these steps in a minute.

So, why should you use WordPress, then?

Not just because it’s the most popular and powerful blogging platform worldwide, but because it’s easy to use.

When you start your first blog, you don’t want to waste your time learning how to use your blogging system, right? I just hate it when I have a thousand to-dos on my desk and I need to figure out how a piece of software works… It just makes me feel frustrated! How to find the best blog hosting?

But luckily, WordPress isn’t like that! Even if you’ve never blogged before, the system is super easy to use and manage.

If you’re new to WordPress, let me walk you through a few huge benefits you’ll get from using it. If you’re familiar already, feel free to skip to the next section!

Here are my top reasons for recommending WordPress to you and all my website clients and readers:

1: It’s beginner-friendly and easy to use

Even though WordPress is the most powerful blogging platform out there, you can start using it in a matter of minutes.

Yes, even if you’ve never blogged before. Even if you’re a total tech wreck. Trust me.

2: It’s quick to learn

Self-hosted WordPress has tons of different, useful functionalities and features for bloggers. As a beginner, you’re obviously going to use just a small fraction of them

But, when you start feeling more comfortable with WordPress, you’ll soon notice how much power it has. How to find the best blog hosting?

The learning curve is just incredible in the first weeks when you start blogging with

3: It’s here to stay

If you’re serious about starting a successful blog, keep in mind that WordPress isn’t going anywhere.

It’s something you can learn now and still use in 5 years, 10 years… who knows how long.

I mean, I build WordPress blogs and websites for a living! How to find the best blog hosting?

That said, WordPress is simply something you need to learn. And the effort will pay itself back: you only need to learn one platform for blogging.

4: It’s the most powerful blogging platform you can find

When your blog starts to grow and attract more visitors, you’ll slowly need more features to turn your traffic into income.

So, you’ll need certain blogging tools and functionalities that are only available for WordPress.

Because it’s the most popular and widely-used blogging platform worldwide, it also has the most diverse and powerful blogging tools you can get.

The best add-ons and plugins are usually only provided for self-hosted WordPress.

Which brings me to my next point…

5: It’s the best solution in the long run

Many bloggers run into the same problem over and over again:

They start their first blog on another platform and feel happy about it. Nothing wrong with that!

But when their blog grows bigger, they want to add new features to it to achieve their blogging goals more easily and quickly. How to find the best blog hosting?

And what happens next?

They find out that the feature that is perfect for their blog is only available for WordPress.

Trust me, you don’t want to switch to another platform in 2 years when you’ve already learned one blogging platform inside and out.

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What should you look for in a blog hosting provider?

When you’re a beginner, nothing is more important than knowing you’ll get help whenever you need it.

And it’s not just how quickly you get that help, but also how easily you get it.

Starting a blog and learning WordPress is a big endeavor to embark on, and you will have questions along the way. How to find the best blog hosting?

That said, when you’re choosing the best blog hosting, pay attention to a couple of points:

What methods of support do they have? Do you need to call them, or do they have a chat or just a ticket system?

How quickly do they respond? When you start a chat or call them, how long do you have to wait to talk to a technician?

When are they available? Can you get help 24/7 or just during normal business hours?

What support do they offer? What can they help you with? Since you’re using WordPress, make sure your hosting provider can help you with your WordPress-related questions and problems.

As a general guideline, go for a hosting provider that has live support, either through chat or phone. They should also have professional support for WordPress.

Finally, you need them to be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Needless to say, it’s quite difficult to find an affordable blog hosting company that fulfills all of these points.

That’s why Bluehost is the best blog hosting for most beginners.

You can set up everything in just a few clicks even if you’re totally new to blogging.

And should you have any questions, their friendly and fast helpdesk will be there for you.

On top of that, they are insanely affordable.

But before we go into a more detailed blog hosting review with my favorite hosting providers, let me get one thing straight…

Bottom line is:

Every Blog hosting review is bought

Here’s the deal for blog hosting reviews in general: almost every recommendation is getting compensated by the hosting provider. Yes, including myself.

Why should I mention this?

Because I want to be honest with you. I’m not hiding anything, and I only recommend hosting I have first-hand experience with. Even if I didn’t receive a dime from them, I’d still be happy to recommend them. How to find the best blog hosting?

At the end of the day, we all have a different experience with our hosting companies. I can only share with you what I’ve experienced myself and what I’ve heard from my clients.

That said, Bluehost is not the only great hosting company in the world, of course.

But let me take you through 7 reasons why I love Bluehost…

Why Bluehost is the best-value blog hosting provider for you:

1: It’s perfect for absolute beginners

This is by far what I love the most about Bluehost!

Anything and everything you do with them is made so simple and easy.

Even if you’re a complete tech beginner and don’t know what you’re doing, you will have no problem starting a blog on Bluehost. Trust me.

And I’m here to hold your hand through all of it! 🙂

Their signup process takes about 10 minutes AND they install WordPress for you while you’re at it.

As a beginner, you have heaps of stuff to learn, so the last thing you want to spend your valuable time on is being lost in your blog host’s control panel.

2: They have incredibly quick and helpful customer service (24/7!)

Got a question or a problem with your blog? No worries!

You’ll never feel left alone with Bluehost.

You can either give them a call or, what I like better, start a chat with a professional technician. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’re probably asking: how quickly do I get a reply in a support chat?

I’ve actually measured the time every time I’ve contacted Bluehost.

The average I had to wait for a rep to join me was 1.5 seconds. Yep, not much to measure there.

3: You can start blogging in just 10 minutes

Seriously, 10 minutes is all you need.

Even if you’ve never signed up for a hosting plan before, you’ll be done in less time than it takes you to get your lunch.

What’s even better: Bluehost installs WordPress automatically for you during your signup process. You can just log in and start writing your first blog post right away.

4: FREE domain name for your blog

When you start your blog, you will need a domain name for it. That’s what people type in the URL address bar in their web browsers.

To make things even easier (and more affordable!) for you, Bluehost gives you a FREE domain name for an entire year.

5: FREE SSL certificate to protect your blog

To offer your visitors a secure connection to your blog, you need a little something called an SSL certificate. It makes sure any interaction your visitors have with your blog is encrypted.

Bluehost gives you a free SSL certificate to protect your website, your visitors, and yourself.

And again: you can activate it easily with just one click in your control panel.

6: It’s very affordable

Yes! Despite all of these awesome features and services you get, Bluehost isn’t expensive.

Their hosting plans start at $3.95 per month – that’s an exclusive deal for my readers 😉

Really, that’s less than a coffee at Starbucks! And we’re not talking about just getting your morning started here–we’re starting an entire online business for you!

When you sign up, you can choose between three different plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro:

When you are just starting out with your first blog, it’s perfectly OK to pick the Basic plan.

Especially if you’re on a budget and you’re not expecting to earn that much with your blog. You can always upgrade later in the future.


If you want to save money upfront, choose a long hosting plan. That way you can lock in the low price for a longer time.

Here’s your homework for today:

To sum it all up, let’s see what you need to do to get started:

Step 1:

Click here to get to Bluehost.

Step 2:

Head over to my article on How to Start a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes. I’ll be there to walk you through the easy process step-by-step.

Step 3:

Start writing your first blog post right away!

Alright, that’s all I have for you today!

Remember: if you have anything I can help you with, just reply to this post in comment section or email me and I’ll get back to you asap! 🙂

How to find the best blog hosting?

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