Design your bachelor pad with these luxurious furniture's

Design your bachelor pad with these luxurious furniture’s


Moving out of your parent’s house and into your bachelor’s pad is an exciting moment. You get to choose the apartment you’re going to live in for the next few years, selecting your own furniture, and eating the foods you want to eat.

Ah yes, it’s indeed a fun time!

It can be especially exciting if you have the budget to design an elegant pad according to your taste.

And if you’re looking for furnitures that perfectly fits your preferences, then this article is specially written just for you!

For today, I will provide some of the best options out there and what are the places or corners they are best to put up.

So without further delays, let’s design your bachelor’s pad with these luxurious furnitures…

Tips in creating a luxurious bachelor’s pad

Before we continue, I believe that it’s essential for us to discuss first some tips in designing your bachelor’s pad.

  • Consistency – it is important that the furnitures you choose are consistent with the interior design you have in mind.
  • Quality – never attempt to compromise quality over quantity.
  • Wall color theme – choosing the color of your apartment is the perfect opportunity to make your statement.

Design your bachelor’s pad with these luxurious furnitures

Adding work of arts in your pad

One way you can express yourself through your pad is a work of art like a painting or statues.

If you are planning to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and optimize the spaces in your home, then you can opt for functional arts. To give you an insight into what’s a functional art is, it simply means the relationship between fine arts and serving utilitarian purposes.

If you’re not a fan of traditional arts, then you can probably use some items in your possession.

One example is your records. Instead of storing them in your cabinet, why not showcase them using artistic racks. I believe that such a design would be a good conversation starter as well.

That is just an example. Another thing that comes to my mind is your bike. And if you own one, then you could mount them on your wall using decorative hangers instead of placing them behind your door.

Design your bachelor pad with these luxurious furniture's

Wooden crates

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re on a budget but kind of what to achieve a luxurious vibe? If so, then have you considered using wooden pallets as storage?

Also, aside from the beautiful aesthetic of wood, pallets are also extremely cheap. So you don’t really have to spend that much on these items.

Optimize spaces

As I mentioned earlier, you have to plan ahead before purchasing items for your pad.

If you’re practicing a minimalist lifestyle or just don’t have enough space to accommodate more equipment and furniture, then optimizing your space is extremely important.

If you’ve just moved out of your parents’ house, then you may be tempted to fill your apartment with stuff. But the good thing here is that you can somehow make your pad fun and still make it organized.

To do this, you can purchase cabinets or furnitures that have various specific functionalities like storage or platforms.

Leather couch

The couch or sofa is probably one of the most important items in a bachelor’s pad.

And we prefer those that are made of leather over fabric because they are easier to clean, and they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and emit an essence of elegance.

And if you’re looking for a curtain shop that offers the perfect upholstery and fabric that can match the design of a leather couch, then you need to check out my go-to online retailer—the Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

They offer a wide range of selections to choose from that can help you with all of your interior designing needs.

Contrasting colors

If you don’t have that much of a space in your apartment, then you can somehow create an illusion that you have ample space by infusing dark and light-colored furnitures.

So, in this case, colors are your advantage, so be sure to utilize them.

To do this, you can implement the three is to one ratio in selecting furnitures. What this means is that you can purchase three large furnitures that are made of light-colored wood and then select one furniture that is made of wood that has a strong dark texture.

Entertainment area

An entertainment area is almost commonplace in any luxurious bachelor’s pad.

And if you have the budget, then you can design your bachelor’s pad with these luxurious furnitures—

  • A minibar
  • Pool table
  • Hockey table
  • Gaming chair

TV Stand

Although the television is slowly being replaced by our smaller and more technologically advanced gadgets, a bachelor’s pad won’t be complete without a TV.

Instead of mounting your LCDs, then we prefer using a TV rack or stand, whichever you prefer.

And the reason why we highly recommend them is that they can also serve as a storage space for your other possessions like your game console, controls, CDs, or sound systems.


Last but definitely not least is storage—this includes cabinets and small boxes where you can store your essentials and valuables safely.

Storages are also a perfect organizational tool, especially if you’re observing minimalism.

Again, I recommend wood over plastic. As much as possible, I wouldn’t recommend plastic in any other way. Such materials look cheap and will take away your purpose of making your pad look more luxurious.

But in regards to other valuable like your jewelry or other expensive accessories, then we suggest using a metal-plated storage box to keep them safe.

Final thoughts

To give you a summary, we recommend that you design your bachelor’s pad with these luxurious furnitures—

  • Functional work of arts
  • Wooden pallets
  • Furnitures that optimize spaces
  • Leather couch
  • Furnitures with contrasting colors
  • Entertainment area furnitures
  • TV stand
  • Storages

So yeah, I believe that’s just about it! I hope today’s topic has provided you sufficient information in helping you select the best furniture for your bachelor’s pad.

Thank you for the time, and I hope to see you on the following topics!



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