The aim of this website is to provide useful content to travellers around the world. To do this we welcome contributions/guest posts.

Quality Guidelines


  • Solid knowledge of subject matter, ie travel advice, specific destination, photography etc.
  • Good English writing skills with accurate grammar and spelling.
  • Evidence of your writing skills, i.e. an article or something similar. If you don’t send an example we won’t be able to consider you.
  • Blog posts must be 800+ words. This is for quality and ranking.
  • All content should be unique and not copied from another blog post or shared on other blogs or websites. Duplicate content isn’t good for SEO so the article would not get found or high rankings. We will check this.
  • Content should be written in a more active and/or third-person voice. So no “I”, “my” etc.
  • Any links to external websites/sources should be relevant and natural.
  • Links should only be to travel related sites and services. No gambling sites etc.
  • Don’t try and hide links to a business you’re working for. We will spot these and will reject the article. Examples include visa services, copywriting services, sales pages etc. Saying you’re building your portfolio then including links to a service is clearly link building. Please lets not waste each others time! 🙂


Once we have received the article we may:

  • Add additional internal links.
  • Make slight tweaks and changes to the text to match the website style and for readability. This won’t change what you are saying and is very minor.
  • Potentially re-order the headings and content slightly based on the pictures. Ie we don’t like two-night pictures or two similar shots below each other.
  • Often create a Pinterest sharing image which is a picture with overlaid text.

Other notes

Please note that in order to run this site we do have advertisements, such as Amazon, adsense and The only way we can build this website and make it into a strong resource for travelers is by having ads and we use this income to invest in the infrastructure of the site. Thank you for your understanding. and contribute

Content needed

Here is some of the content that we’re looking for:

  • Destinations
    • “Best places to visit” or “Best Things to See and Do”, including the lesser-known
    • Things to know when visiting [country/city]
    • Multi-destination trips
    • City Break Guides based on a set format
    • Best places to eat and drink
    • Best places to stay
  • Travel Tips
    • Tips and advice to help people with their travel
    • Flights tips/advice
    • Accommodation booking advice
    • etc…
  • Photography
    • Tutorials
    • Advice and tips
  • Anything else Destination Reviews, Hotel Reviews, Trekking or Hiking Trails, Travel food blog, Best Food to Eat in different Countries, Movies and series suggestions related to travel, Travel apps and gadgets reviews, Travel Quotes and photography related.
  • Please email with your ideas.

What do you get in return…

  • Experience
  • You’d be helping travellers – You’d be sharing your knowledge with travellers around the world. This website gets traffic from over 50+ countries.
  • Author box – A box at the end mentioning you as the author and a bit about you, as well as a link to your website. This is “nofollow” to comply with Google policies and to prevent potential penalisation.
Author Box
  • Profile page – If you submit three or more articles you’ll get a profile bio page. This should help you with your writing portfolio.
  • Social media promotion – The link may be shared through social media accounts such as Instagram Stories, Facebook, Pinterest The content will not be shared to all accounts, just some that are appropriate!

Sound good? Get in touch

If this sounds good please send an email using the form below – Please mention your speciality, such as any subjects you’d be able to write about. Please also send an example of your writing, such as a link to a previous article.

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