Advantages and Disadvantages of Directory Submission in SEO

Advantages and Disadvantages of Directory Submission in SEO

by Vishalakshi Sharma
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Do you want to acquire high-quality backlinks for your blog or website and get unlimited traffic to your website?

If your answer is yes, then take a look at this article which tells you what exactly are backlinks, the different ways of making backlinks, and the advantages and disadvantages of directory submission in SEO?

So, first, let’s understand what are backlinks.

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What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link of your site’s homage or any other page of your site that is posted on any other website. Now, these links can be in any form. For example, they can be posted as words or the exact link.

Now, let’s see what are the various ways of acquiring backlinks for your blog or website.

Ways of acquiring backlinks

There are many ways to acquire backlinks, but the most common and efficient ones are listed below:-

  • Directory Submission
  • Guest posting
  • Internal linking
  • Promoting content on social media
  • Paid links

There are many other ways of acquiring backlinks that can not be covered in a single post. Now, let’s talk about directory submission.

What is Directory Submission?

Just like a telephone directory, there is a web directory. An just like a telephone directory has telephone numbers of different people and companies, a web directory has names and links of different websites that are present all over the web.

The process of submitting your website’s name and URL to different directories over the web is known as Directory Submission.

And just like other directories have categories in them, a web directory also divides websites into categories on the basis of their niches (topics). For example, websites can be divided into categories like food, health, tech, fashion, lifestyle, etc.

Now, you would be thinking about how you will benefit from directory submission in SEO. For the answer, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of Directory Submission in SEO.

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Advantages of directory submission in SEO

First, let’s take a look at the advantages of directory submission.

1. Brings traffic

Yup! Submitting your website to good, efficient web directories can get you a good amount of traffic and help you increase your traffic by 150%.

But remember that only good and secured directories can help you out.

2. Makes backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors as stated by Google. And so, if you want to rank on google you have to create backlinks.

Submitting your website to reputed web directories can get you a good amount of quality backlinks.

3. Reach out to more audience

As you submit your website to more and more directories, you get more and more audience. And if they like your content, they will hit your website again and again which grows your traffic.

4. Instant indexing

If your site has some amount of quality backlinks then your posts can get indexed within 1 day of publishing.

This is because crawlers find out more backlinks and this helps them build trust in you.

5. Anchor text of your choice

While submitting your website to directories, you have a choice of setting the title according to your will.

And this is a golden chance. It means that you can put your keywords in the anchor text of the link which helps you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Disadvantages of directory submission in SEO

1. Getting banned

If you keep submitting your website to too many directories continuously, there are chances that your website or blog gets banned.

This is because the search engines will think that you must be spamming other sites with comments or any other black hat technique. So be careful while submitting your site to directories.

2. Expensive

Many directories that are famous charge a good amount of fees to submit your website to them. And this sometimes can be very expensive and fake too. So, research well before giving the fees to any paid directory.

3. Slow results

Link building is a slow process. And link building through directory submission is a much slower process that can take weeks and even months as there is no guarantee that a directory will approve your site’s content.

4. Competitive

Many people like you would have already submitted their websites to directories and built up their backlink profile.

This can create too much competition for you if you want to rank on Google and other search engines.


Through this article, we learned that what are backlinks, how do they help you, ways of making backlinks, and finally the advantages and disadvantages of directory submission in SEO.

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